I was born in Canterbury, studied English at Newcastle, and wrote an MA thesis on Virginia Woolf at Birmingham.

After teaching, travelling and trying self-sufficiency, I wrote and illustrated interpretative materials for the North Devon Heritage Coast Service and the National Trust.

At North Devon College, I taught ESOL to fascinating adults from all over the world, and was responsible for the teacher training programme.

As you can see from the photo, taken in the late 70s, I have always loved writing.

For me, writing with depth involves weaving together experience, observation, research and imagination. My varied life experience has given me a wealth of inspiration for the stories I tell. Over the years I have lived in a vicarage, a council flat, an attic room on the Left Bank in Paris, a country cottage with one cold water tap and an outside loo, a caravan and a converted granary. I have worked in shops, bistros and libraries, had a market stall, delivered the Christmas post on a bicycle, picked apples and daffodils. I’ve travelled in Europe, North America and Australia, and have learned French, German and Spanish, as well as a little Greek.

In 2010 I went on an Arvon residential course where I worked on the first chapter of ‘Fragments of a Dream‘. In 2012 I took the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa, where I began ‘Between Two Shores‘.

Soon after that, I moved to Spain with my ailing Spanish husband. From time to time I escape my caring duties and travel to Australia, where we have a son, daughter-in-law and four amazing grandchildren.