Bottom first

I’ve just been for a walk from Bruton to Milton Clevedon and Batcombe Bottom. I set out  in high spirits – beautiful crisp winter’s day with sun and not a breath of breeze. Views over the Somerset levels and back to King Alfred’s Tower and Stourhead woods. Then I got terribly lost despite having OS map and route instructions. Went off-course round three sides of a pheasant enclosure, came to a dead-end by a deep stream, and had to scramble through brambles then slide down a bank on my backside. Lost my woolly hat in the process and grazed my hand. But with the aid of the compass I got back on track and came out as planned at Spargrove. It’s a small hamlet with a wonderful cluster of medieval buildings: farm, chapel and manor house with moat and mill leat. Who says there aren’t steep hills in Somerset? Am now totally knackered and relaxing with my feet up and a cup of tea.

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