The Real Third Sister

siblings adoption sisters novel writing lifeIt took years of searching but finally we’ve found her! All credit to my big sister, Mary, who had the vision and determination to overcome all the obstacles.

For all three of us it’s been an emotional experience. Stirring up the past can be painful . You have to confront memories that you’d rather forget. The times that people have hurt or rejected you. The fear of being hurt or rejected again. You’re forced to acknowledge your own mistakes and weaknesses, too.

But when you start to see things from others’ point of view – what they’ve suffered, not only what you’ve suffered yourself – somehow your perspective shifts. You no longer want to apportion blame, but simply to understand. That we’re all human. We all make mistakes. And mistakes have consequences for ourselves and others.

But the story doesn’t have to end there. Understanding the past can free us to move on. And in the process we’ve gained more than we’ve lost.

In my case I’ve gained another sister – my little sister, Alison. I’m not the baby of the family any more. Now, that feels good!

2 thoughts on “The Real Third Sister

  1. Janet Bale

    How wonderful for you all. What a lovely photo of you all. You are now complete!
    On Sunday a friend told me that he had found another sister and brother. His mother and father had both married again and both had a new family. Strangely his new brother has the same name as his other brother.
    I’m so pleased that everything is going well for you.

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