The Somerset Superhighway

I thought I’d got the delights of the Somerset road system sussed. Bruton to Newton Park is 26 miles, so an hour and a quarter should be plenty to get to my tutorial. But I hadn’t reckoned with roadworks on a z-bend, on a hill, just below a busy 3-way junction. It took the best part of half an hour to inch forward to the point where I could see one of the two poor men operating Stop and Go signs in the lashing rain.

On the way back I got clever and tried a back road. Fine as far as Paulton. Then the  signs disappeared. Which way was Shepton Mallet? Take your pick. I had a nice little tour of the hamlets of the Mendips before seeing a road I recognised.

Then there’s the Shepton Mallet showground to avoid. Tesco’s was full of bright young things in wellies, stocking up for a fun-filled weekend.

I won’t be going anywhere. I’m too exhausted!

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