The mistakes of youth and the follies of old age

Did you ever make mistakes when you were young? Rosie did. Years later she tried to put them right, but found it wasn’t that easy.

You can read her story in ‘Fragments of a Dream’

Set on the beautiful Greek island of Hydra, it will make you laugh, cry and reflect on life’s complexities!

3 thoughts on “The mistakes of youth and the follies of old age

  1. Hi Ruth, How are the book sales going? Sometimes it takes a while for them to build up, sometimes not! (All about cookie crumbling or something…) At least you have a jolly good read with yours – a book you can be proud of. We have had to leave our venue for the monthly meetings (Waldemar’s opened up an Italian ice cream parlour in the area we met!!) We have our first meeting on 9th September 11 am to 1.00 pm in a restaurant called Chili Pepper in the Citrus Centre not far from Waldemar’s. If you’re in Spain then and can make it, ring me: 966 319 894 and I’ll give you clearer directions. Cheers. Joy x

    1. Good to hear from you, Joy. Sorry I haven’t been able to make it to the last couple of meetings, but I’ll definitely try and come in September. Thanks for letting me know the change of venue. I’ll pass the information on to Hugh, because I’ll probably hitch a lift down with him. Thanks for your encouragement about the book. Sales have slowed down now and I’m trying advertising on Amazon and Facebook. I’m enjoying your blog posts. Hope all is well, Ruth x

  2. Thank you for reading my posts. I do hope you can make it in September, Ruth. If you can come long with Hugh, that would be great. The restaurant is on the upper floor, but there is a lift. Enjoy the rest of the summer. x

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